Sep 13, 2022 at 2:39:30 PM

In September's feature update, Planet added support for another blockchain-based domain name:


Follow the link above, and you can register your .bit domain name.

.bit also supports IPFS as a content source. So you can use the IPNS built with Planet.


A difference is, when setting content source for .bit domain name, you will not need to pay extra gas, that is because:

  1. The cost to register a .bit domain name contains a certain amount of gas for future changes on the chain.
  2. The blockchain .bit depends on, Nervos Network's design keeps cost low for computational tasks.

So, the blog you are currently visiting has a .bit domain too, and you can access it via .bit's Public dWeb Gateway:


When you are trying to follow other Planets, .bit is now also supported: